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How Google Is Modernizing Supply Chains Worldwide

April 26, 2018 / by Jesse Keilhorn



In the upcoming ISM2018 show, Google’s Jesse Kielhorn, a Technical Cloud Evangelist, will be talking about the ways Google is helping to modernize supply chains across the globe.

As you might imagine, Google has a pretty large supply chain it has to manage.  We use all manner of devices / sensors / etc. to make sure things are moving smoothly and we have the supplies we need to build the servers and maintain our data center facilities across the globe.  Over the last few years, we have released a lot of the tools we use (IoT Core, Machine Learning, and big data offerings) for others to leverage.  We have seen a 40% increase in efficiency for power and cooling usage in our facilities by using machine learning to control those systems.

A major tire company took on a project to outfit all their trucks with an array of sensors and pumped that information into our big data warehouse.  With that data they were able to monitor and predict tire issues or failures ahead of time.  This reduced tire related truck failures by 75% and saved millions in operational expenditures.

In my presentation, I’ll cover a few more scenarios, actual customer use cases, and show a demo of a couple of products used to help transform the way companies are using technology to improve their supply chain management and efficiency.

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and speaking with the group on May 8th.



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Written by Jesse Keilhorn


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