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Organizations’ Global Leadership Depends on Supply Management’s Peak Performance

March 13, 2018 / by Tom Derry


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“Global vision. Peak performance.” Not only is this the theme of ISM2018; it perfectly captures the reality of today’s exciting, challenging and complex supply management profession.

With responsibility for 86 percent of corporate spending, across industries, we play a critical role in our companies’ competitive positioning on the worldwide stage. The days of our focusing primarily on cost reduction are long gone. Today, we are directly involved in opening new markets, building regional and local supplier networks, activating alternate plans when supply chain disruptions occur, and improving innovation and revenue growth through our supplier relationships.

In short, the value that each of us is adding to our companies is enormous--but whether we are experienced leaders or new supply management practitioners, we need to make sure our performance is always at its peak. The competitive stakes are too high to accept anything less. And in such a rewarding profession, where the opportunity to learn and grow is a constant, who would want to stand still?

When I look at the agenda for this year’s Annual Conference--bringing together 2,500 of our profession’s most talented individuals--I’m once again struck by the sweeping changes we are all privileged to be driving. That’s reflected through our featured speakers, our Signature Sessions, and our learning tracks focused on direct, indirect, people, digitization, challenges and fulfillment. For example, I’m looking forward to hearing Jeff Rossman, a former Amazon executive, discuss digital disruption, innovation and the Internet of Things. I’m intrigued by session titles such as Procurement Transformation in a Private Equity Context, How Google Helps Power Supply Chains, and Enabling Profitability and Growth with Data in a Global P&L. These reflect the 80 sessions that your fellow supply management leaders and practitioners have planned for us, to ensure that we’re all staying on pace with today’s requirements for success.

ISM2018 promises to be an important milestone in our collective journey toward excellence--for ourselves, our teams and our companies. In our passion for supply management, we should expect nothing less. That’s why ISM® has published its Mastery Model® outlining the essential competencies for individuals in the supply management profession, whether they are just beginning or at the executive level. The ISM2018 content is designed with this model in mind.

I hope you will join us at our Annual Conference and fill your schedule with all the educational and networking opportunities that you can. I am so pleased with the caliber of the individuals who are leading our sessions. They are reflective of the people who are moving our profession forward with their business acumen, breadth of vision, and commitment to adding value. Step up to the challenge to deliver your peak performance in this global environment, and you will be rewarded with an even more fulfilling career. Please join us at ISM2018.



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Written by Tom Derry


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